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[good news] I warmly congratulate Sun tree company won the recognition of

12.02/2019Wiews: 1418

    On December 2, 2019, the Office of the National Leading Group for the Management of High-tech Enterprise Certification announced the second list of Xiamen high-tech enterprises to be certified in 2019. The Suntree (Xiamen) Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. is honored to be in the list.
    A national high-tech enterprise defines an enterprise that continuously conducts R&D and technology transformation, in the high-tech fields supported by country, to form the core its independent intellectual property rights, and make business accordingly.
    Obtaining such certification means not only the recognition of our company's capability on product R&D and innovation by the relevant departments, but also an important driving force for improving the company's independent innovation capabilities and market competition.
    In future, our company will actively demonstrate the innovation effectiveness of high-tech enterprises, increase the company's investment in innovation research and development, make more technical contributions and better serve the society and the industry.